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Together Julia Watson & Marie Salembier are a landscape & urban design studio in New York City. As a designer, author and academic teaching at Harvard and Columbia University, Julia is the preeminent expert on indigenous cultures and  nature-based technologies. Her recent book published with Taschen, Lo—TEK, Design by Radical Indigenism, is an award-winning bestseller. As a horticulturist & landscape designer, Marie is an international expert in biophilic planting design.


The studio specializes in rewilding — an untaming of design  using biodiversity as a building block for designing new symbioses between people and place. They imagine a revision of urbanism towards radical localism informed by indigenous cultures & inspired by nature-based practices, planting techniques & technologies. With careers built in practice  complemented by unique expertise, Watson Salembier offer the full spectrum of design services for select projects.


Julia Watson

Landscape & Urban Design

Designer, academic and author, Julia is a leading expert on indigenous technologies, as seen in her monograph Lo-TEK, Design by Radical Indigenism, published with Taschen. She teaches at Harvard and Columbia, while also leading an experiential, landscape, and urban design studio: Julia Watson, with Marie Salembier. After graduating from Harvard with the highest award for her work on conservation and spiritual lands, she has widely published and co-authored the Spiritual Guide to Bali’s UNESCO World Heritage with Dr. J. Stephen Lansing. Julia approaches design as ‘rewilding’, with a portfolio of projects at all scales, and ranging from research to design. She will be a TED Speaker in 2020, is a fellow of Summit REALITY & Pop!tech, received a Christensen Fund for her work in conserving Bali’s first UNESCO World Heritage site, and was a Disruptive By Design Ambassador for WIRED. Born in Australia, she regularly travels to sacred sites and indigenous cultures across the globe.

Marie Salembier

Horticulture & Landscape Design

Landscape, planting and ecosystem designer, Marie thrives in creating

relationships between living and non-living urban components. She has been putting her skills and knowledge in contribution to some of the most important landscape architecture projects of the decade. Her design focuses on finding the perfect planting palette for the site to promote the establishment of healthy, thriving ecosystems and year-round dialogs between textures and colors. She has worked and collaborated on a range of public, commercial and residential projects situated in various climatic regions and utilizing plants from the Northeast, Midwest and Western states of North America as well as Europe, the Mediterranean regions and various zones of Asia. Marie favors the use of species endemic to a region, that are pest resistant and drought tolerant, drawing together waterwise, perennial plant communities. She designs a garden to be experienced as an educational resource on the importance of bees and butterflies to flowering  plants.


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